Ability to hold emotions in the game of poker

Needless to say, the hand affected me emotionally – like a nervous young baseball player. Losing his “cool” will definitely affect his game in a very negative way; so that’s for us when playing poker. Some call it “tilt occurring.”

Landing is not uncommon in the game of poker. So, one very important skill that we need to acquire is the ability to hold our emotions. Never, keep tilted!

It is important to avoid “nervousness” – tilt may occur! Then you’re bound to make bad decisions, get you more chips dewapoker – maybe, until you’re broke. That would be a disaster!

Perhaps the wisest course of action in such a situation is to stay away from the game; leave the table for at least a short time – 10 to 15 minutes. A brisk walk outside the casino can be “exactly what the doctor ordered.” Get some fresh air. Take a deep breath as you contemplate that hand.

Ask yourself: “Did I do something wrong? Should I play it differently? Considering the strength of my opponent’s hand, I can never force him to fold all the way; him all the way. Satisfy yourself that there is no way you can avoid Bad Beat on the river!

Realize that getting to the river in Bad Beat is just one of the things that is sure to happen now and then. It’s out of your control. Think to yourself: “Maybe, I should have checked the board more closely, and avoided another bet on the river. But who would ever place him in an endless straight draw on the river? Even so, he only had two outs – a big mistake. But, with a more than 20 to 1 chance against him, a hit sometimes wins. That is poker. “

Now, calm down – no longer “nervous” – you’re ready to get on with the game. Return to your table and start again. After all, you know you are the most skilled player at the table. And a 12 year old baseball player got me thinking about this.