Major League Baseball made FanDuel a sports gambling service

Major League Baseball makes FanDuel sports gambling service – Specter of 1919 Seventy years later, commissioner Bart Giamatti acted in an equally swift and punishing manner when he banned all-time hit leader Pete Rose from baseball in 1989.

Rose admits to gambling at his own game, even as a manager. Some think Giamatti is overreacting, considering that Rose never bets against his own team.

That argument, as historian Bruce Kuklick wrote in a 1999 essay, is not supportive. Rose, he points out, doesn’t bet on every game. Hence, it is inconceivable that he would make a decision during a match where he would not place a bet and visit lapak303.

  • say, not bringing his best assist pitcher – to ensure that a reliever will be available for the game he is betting on.

Giamatti certainly had 1919 on his mind when he was sentenced to Rose. With a game barely escaping death once, Giamatti knows that organized baseball can’t risk skating too close to the edge again.

But in August this year, Major League Baseball made FanDuel – its daily fantasy sports gambling service – its official gambling partner.

You might not expect that gambling will bring more adults back to the sport, just as it was in the early days. After all, attendance at the game was bad. Soccer, meanwhile, has become the most watched sport on television in the US. Six million viewers even took part in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Gambling can spark more interest in sports. But wasting more fuel can cause uncontrolled fires. In 1919, baseball nearly burned down his own house. One hundred years later, journalist Hugh Fullerton will no doubt be surprised to learn that big-league baseball has once again made contracts with gamblers, in the full view of both players and fans.

Let’s hope this story doesn’t end in scandal this time.