Tom Osborne Urges Voters To Vote Against Initiatives That Can Bring Casinos

Tom Osborne Urges Voters To Vote Against Initiatives That Can Bring Casinos – Former Nebraska Cornhusker head coach Tom Osborne spoke on Monday, along with several state leaders, as part of a rally by the anti-gambling coalition, Gambling With a Life Good.

After pro-gambling groups collected 475,000 signatures to get three gambling initiatives at this November vote this past summer, the Secretary of State refused to put them on the ballot. The state Supreme Court overturned the decision and Nebraskan will have the final say on whether expanded gambling comes to Cornhusker State.

Initiative 429 will amend state constitutions to allow games of chance to be offered on state licensed racetracks, Initiative 430 will establish regulatory bodies to oversee new markets and Initiative 431 will impose a 20 percent tax on gross game revenue. All three must pass for the casino to be built.

During Monday’s meeting, Osborne urged voters to vote against the referendum.

“Most studies show that for every dollar you earn, you lose between three and four dollars in social costs,” said the 83-year-old. “And the people who bear the biggest brunt of this problem are the families, spouses and children of those who have gambling problems because they are paying the highest price.”

Osborne coached the University of Nebraska football team from 1973-1997, amassing a 255-49-3 record and three NCAA National Championships. After he retired from football, Osborne was elected to three terms to the US House of Representatives as a Republican.

Governor Pete Ricketts, a Republican, and several other former state politicians, including former Democratic Governor Bob Kerrey, spoke at the rally. They all echo Osborne’s sentiments.

Nebraska has historically been one of the most anti-gambling states in the country. Outside of the state lottery, it only allows gambling on the racetrack. It is one of 10 states without brick and mortar casinos.