Call with a low flush to bring down a sizable pot

A call with a low flush to bring down a sizable pot – River pairs the board and Rudolph checks his flush, perhaps imagining that his low flush is no longer strong enough to bet on and then calls out a raise given the action and texture of the board. Hunichen had arrived at the river with only ace high in the preflop pot raised which saw some bets go in on the turn.

Perhaps imagining that his hand didn’t have sufficient combat value to examine behind, Hunichen opted to shoot a bluff that was less than two-thirds the size of the pot, most likely wanting to draw a crease from a hand that was worse than a trip seven.

The WSOP Online 2020 features a number of major events coming up, including a guaranteed $ 10 million buy-in NLH Poker Players Championship. This hand takes place in the final table bubble, with ten players remaining. Chris Hunichen’s regular rollers opened from late in the A-9 offsuit and Christian Rudolph defended his big blinds with the matching connectors.

Rudolph drops the diamond flush draw and checks. Hunichen chose not to bet further and it was his turn to bring another diamond, completing Rudolph’s flush. He snatched the betting advantage on the turn and Hunichen, with the only A © in his hand, opted to move up the position with a nut flush draw and a gutshot straight draw.

With the planks now paired, it seemed unlikely Rudolph could be called any worse off if he raised, so he made a low flush call to bring down the sizable pot and move up to the third chip position towards the final table.

Preflop, with ten players remaining and a 60,000-120,000 blind and a 15,000 stake, Chris Hunichen rose to 240,000 from the deadline. Christian Rudolph defends his blindness. On failure Rudolph checked. Hunichen checked. Rudolph on the turn bet 202,950. Hunichen rose to 648,000. Rudolph called. On the river, Rudolph checked it out. Hunichen bet 1,224,000. Rudolph called.