Florida Casino Ship Cruise Gambling Preview

While the cruise ship hasn’t set sail yet, I recently had the opportunity to go gambling on the high seas thanks to a trip aboard the Florida-based Victory 1 casino.

Although smaller than ships like the Carnival Vista or Norwegian Breakaway, the experiences offer insight into how the main lines might be where some of their casino-centrists may finally be able to sail again.

About the Victory of Casino Ship I

Victory Cruise Docks
Sailing out of Port Canaveral, my ship Victory Cruises Casino, Victory is designed to give gamblers the perfect getaway visit lapak303.

Passage on the boat runs $ 13 per person for the five-hour sail to any direction to the open sea where gambling is legal.
The ship itself is a former ferry boat which has four decks, including a bar and restaurant room. Due to the nature of the Victory I cruise ship type, there are no cabins on board for guests or crew.

And if you are wondering how it manages to make a voyage to a place that ordinary shipping lines cannot, because the ship is an American flag. (Only ships with foreign flags are required to visit a foreign port before returning to their US port.)

How Things Change on the Gambling Ship
embarkation check in winning 1
Of the many things that differentiate Victory I from a typical cruise ship, spending a day on board still offers little insight into what gamblers might be when they set foot in a casino during their future sailing.

A cruise ship casino is a big draw and one of the most active places on any ship. This also makes them an area to rethink and possibly rethink to accommodate in the social age.
With that in mind I decided to take my first trip to Victory I to see how they same problem would be on the cruise line.

From the moment you arrive to depart, the new health protocol is in place. There are marks on the floor to help people stay six feet apart. The guests have had masks since they arrived.
It is important to note that guests are required to bring their own mask. The line website also carries a plastic bag to store the mask while eating or in other situations where you can remove the mask. This way, you can place it on a surface and risk contaminating it.

The guests determine the point of contact (with, as it were, their own pen, again reducing the point of contact). And at the point of embarkation, there are two employees who carry out temperature checks on each passenger.

All guests to wait on the upper or lower deck.
This method works very well, but keep in mind that there are only about 250 of them. Also, it was impossible for anyone to catch up to catch a plane or other transportation home.
We all know that on a cruise ship, people determined to be the first to start lining up at anchor and ignore the landing procedures put in place for their own safety and that of others.